I’m really pleased to be showing my film To The Ends Of The Earth, shot during my journeys sailing in the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, in the forthcoming exhibition On Ancient Earth, curated by Lumen and The Artist Expedition Society.

Visit the exhibition at https://theartistexpeditionsociety.com/on-ancient-earth/ from 27th September until 4th October 2020.

On Ancient Earth is an exhibition about the relationships we have with the night sky. Projection and sounds based works by 15 artists from 8 countries have been exhibited outdoors at night at The Earth Sanctuary in Central Australia exclusively for the night sky. Here, the landscape has been shaped by the forces of fire and water, rather than concrete and steel, and the night sky in Central Australia is uniquely dark.

What lies beyond the outer edges of Earths atmosphere? This question, when lying here in a swag at night, is stumbled upon naturally. This exhibition reflects on our relationships with the night sky, which for so many during these Covid times, has been restricted due to lock down and light pollution.

Desert Festival is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government and Alice Springs Town Council. The exhibition includes a Welcome to Country by Arrente woman Kumalie Riley.

Featured artists:

Sarah Edmondson; Anais Tondeur; Kitoko Diva; CAI; Nicola Rae; Amanda Rice; Anthony Carr; Rachael Dease; DRAN; Hannah Scott; Anna Ridler; Roman Gaditskiy; Roosmarijn Pallandt; Pale Blue Dot Collective – Louise Beer + John Hooper; Melanie King