My application to Joya: arte + ecología / AiR artist residency in Spain has been successful. Looking forward to two weeks there in October 2021.

My plan is to make this a shorter journey and cycle approximately 350km from the village of Casabermeja, across the mountains, to Joya, to get a real sense of the landscape.

My time at Joya will form part of a larger review of my practice with time to experiment / make work within the landscape; to learn how the environment there is affected by climate change, the methods used to work with nature to find solutions to these problems, and to find ways to apply these ideas to my own practice.

I will explore creating and documenting ephemeral artworks; making shorter journeys; the use of natural materials, artefacts, and the landscape itself; and consider the relationships between lifestyle and the warming European environment.


Joya: arte + ecología